VARIO JIB arm 2,5m by Panther

The Panther Vario Jib is a versatile camera jib arm. Telescopic arms on both sides make the Vario Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots.

An ergonomic and easy handling as well as a quick set up facilitate your responsible job on set.

To make it easier even more usefull, the Vario Jib is transported in only one case – even with the extension.

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Euro-mount adapter end.
  • Easy to balance.


Minimum length

42,5 in

1,08 m

Maximum length

64,5 in

1,64 m

Maximum length with extension (1 m)

104 in

2,64 m

Lenght weight bar (without extension)

29 in

74 cm

Lenght weight bar (with extension 1 m)

29 in

74 cm

Maxium payload

176 lbs

80 kg

Carrying weight

48,5 lbs

22 kg