SUPER PEEWEE® III PLUS dolly by Chapman

The Super Peewee® III PLUS dolly from Chapman is the most demanded model of the dollies for
feature films and TV series. The small size, weight and versatility of the dolly plus its quality, strength
and adaptability made this model of dolly a classic on the international industry.


High reliability and good price, makes this dolly a really good option for long term rentals.

  • Steering modes: conventional and crab.
  • Leveling head locks into four different positions.
  • Rotating leveling head.
  • Built-In riser adjusts without removing the camera.
  • Arm design increases verticals travel and rigidity.
  • Hardened stainless steel bushings.
  • Compact and lightweight for travel and storage.
  • Universal stop valve allows feathered stops, as well as, precise repetitive moves.
  • Universal stop valve allows settings on upper and lower stops.
  • Control valve design is fast and quiet while allowing smooth stops.
  • Wheel composition allows increased rigidity, as well as, silent operation on track. Ask for special
  • Wheel Composition allows easier steering and maneuverability.
  • Quick release nut for quick tire changes.
  • Variety of tires available to accommodate different terrains.


Carrying weight

280 lbs

127 kg

Operational weight

329 lbs

149 kg

*Maximum payload

250 lbs

113 kg

**Maximum payload with center mount kit

1,100 lbs

499 kg

Maximum camera mount height (position 1 -90º mode)

4ft 11 3⁄4 in

1.51 m

Maximum camera mount height (position 2 -45º mode)

4ft 9 1/2 in

1.46 m

Maximum camera mount height (position 3 -low mode)

4ft 2 1/2 in

1.28 m

Vertical boom travel (position 1 – 90º mode)

30 1/4 in

77 cm

Vertical boom travel (position 2 – 45º mode)

32 in

81 cm

Vertical boom travel (position 3 – low mode)

3 1/4 in

79 cm

Vertical boom travel (position 4 – extender mode)

38 1/4 in

97 cm

Maximum boom lifts (fully charged)

4 Lifts

Chassis maximum length (wheels fully extended)

43 in

1.09 m

Chassis minimum length (wheels fully retracted)

34 1/2 in

88 cm

Minimum chassis height for transportation

16 in

41 cm

Chassis width – legs at 0º position

20 in

51 cm

Chassis width – legs at 90º position

32 in

81 cm

Steering low post height

35 in

89 cm

Steering high post height

38 in

97 cm

Accumulator charging time (empty to full)

60 sec

Dolly Shipping Weight

475 lbs

215,4 kg

Dolly Shipping Dimensions

L 43in x W 27in x H 36in

Dolly Accessory Crate Weight

346 lbs

156.9 kg

Dolly Accessory Crate Dimensions

L 44in x W 35in x H 28in

*Payload includes all items (i.e. man, camera) on arm.