RONIN 2 gimbal by DJI

The versatile Ronin 2 gimbal by DJI is suitable for use handheld or mounted in a variety of ways, handheld, cranes, cable cams, vehicle mount and more. The system is suitable for a range of camera and lens configurations.


The last model from DJI gimbal Ronin 2 features support for underslung, upright and briefcase operation modes to help you achieve the best angle. However, it has been redesigned to enable easy transition between upright and underslung modes without changing the position of the camera. It also offers a number of other improvements, in particular, enhancements to the control software and physical design to simplify taking complex shots without sacrificing performance, all while making important functions more readily accessible.


GS Ronin 2 comes with a lot of accessories like: Cinemilled, Ignite, etc… that makes even more powerful and set friendly.

  • Easy handling thanks to mechanical Pan, Roll & Tilt lock.
  • Easy balancing.
  • Improved stabilization precision.
  • Integrated screen and menu system.
  • Pan bar control via the Force Pro.
  • Hand wheels control via Master Wheels.
  • Comes with a full set of accessories.
  • Force Pro (Pan Bar system).
  • Master Wheels 3 Axis (modular digital system).
  • R2 joystick.
  • Armorman.
  • Readyrig Pro.
  • Easyrig gimbal vest (with Stabil and Serene option)


Weight (w/o batteries)

8 lbs

3,8 kg

Maximum payload

30 lbs

13,6 kg

Gimbal length

16.4 in

416 mm

Gimbal width

13.8 in

350 mm

Gimbal height

20.9 in

530 mm

Time of full system autotune

~10 sec