RICKSHAW DOLLY® by Hans Hellner

Rickshaw Dolly® by Hans Hellner Works is perfect for hand-held, steadicam, hard-mounted or gimbal tracking shots. Is the best rickshaw in the market at the moment, with a very intuitive system for the technicians. It also offers sophisticated solutions with a big range of possibilities.

  • Oil-hydraulic disk brakes.
  • Sturdy but light weight body.
  • Easy to adjust seat, push handles and footrest.
  • 24” balloon tires for a soft ride.
  • 21” Big Feet for rough terrain.
  • Adjustable wheel height.
  • Fits through 28 inches doorway.
  • Additional 6” third wheel made out of ball bearing twin wheels.
  • 48mm Scaffold mount available.


Weight without 3rd wheel unit

119 lbs

54 kg

*Maximum payload

330 lbs

150 kg

Maximum height of seat

32,7 in

83 cm

Minimum height of seat

21 in

53 cm

Maximum width of pushing/pulling bar

46,4 in

118 cm

Minimum width of pushing/pulling bar

27,5 in

70 cm

Maximum length of pushing/pulling bar

51,2 in

130 cm

Minimum length of pushing/pulling bar

31,7 in

80,5 cm

Extension range of footrest bar up to

18,7 in

47,5 cm

*Payload includes all items (i.e. man, camera, steadicam, gimbal, remote head…) on base mount.