MōVI XL remote head by Freefly Systems

Mōvi XL by Freefly is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to capture stable imagery in the most demanding environments. Mōvi XL added some serious horsepower for the world’s biggest cameras.

It is a full stabilized head very lightweight what makes easy to rig it everywhere and with a big payload for large camera package. Set up time is very short so you don’t have to redress the camera to get in the rig.

GS Mōvi XL comes with a lot of accessories like: quick release kit for the head, quick release for camera… that makes even more powerful and set friendly.

  • Different controls available: Majestic, wheels, Mimic & joystick.
  • Axis locks for easy ground handling / balancing.
  • Custom motor drives with high resolution encoders.
  • Completely wireless operation (power, video & control) allows few minutes changes from camera car to crane or cable cam.
  • Underslung or overslung mounting.
  • Internal wiring.
  • Integrated screen and menu system.
  • Mōvi Controller + FRX Pro.
  • Wheels (Waltern Klassen and Mōvi wheels).
  • Mimic.


Weight (w/o batteries)

25,26 lbs

11,46 kg

Maximum payload

50 lbs

22,68 kg

Camera cage length

15.7 in

399 mm

Camera cage width

10 in

255 mm

Camera cage height

11.4 in


Time of full system autotune

~10 sec