HYBRID IV dolly by Chapman

Hybrid IV dolly from Chapman is the tank you can use outdoors as a dolly or in studios as a masterpiece. Smaller than the Hustler, but much stronger than all the Super Peewee® series.


Arm height with different optional risers preserves the rigidity of the vertical arm. Even with under-slang positions the arm keeps the firmness of the structure.


Best choice when you have room to move around or time and manpower to move it outdoors.

  • All steering modes: conventional, crab and round.
  • Camera operator can seat on the arm for vertical movements alongside the camera.
  • Greater payload that allow for many types of jib arms.
  • Float/normal control valve that enables continuous up and down capability of the arm allowing non-stop movement.
  • Stop valve system allows for even faster and smooth stops.
  • Built in heater system for constant arm speed even in cold weather conditions.
  • Sliding side board system that allows simple change of side board positioning forward or back.
  • Versatile and adjustable front board change in mode from upper to lower positions in seconds.
  • Adaptable sliding board system with both high and low positions allowing a variety of positions for the side boards without removing or changing the boards.
  • Board system incorporates seat and light pockets for convenient placement of seat or lights.
  • Works on both straight and curved track. Standard ½” dolly track and 880 dolly track.
  • Smooth rolling shots when pushed on a smooth surface.
  • Quick release clips for quick tire changes.
  • Variety of tires available to accommodate different terrains.


Carrying weight

395 lbs

179 kg

Standard operational weight (without payload)

463 lbs

210 kg

*Maximum payload

700 lbs

318 kg

**Maximum payload with center mount kit

1900 lbs

862 kg

Maximum camera mount height (with standard 12″ riser)

6 ft 2 in

186 cm

Maximum camera mount height (without risers)

5 ft 2 in

157 cm

Minimum camera mount height

19 in

48 cm

Min. Cam. mount height w/hybrid low camera 90º plate

1 in

3 cm

Vertical boom travel

3 ft 7 in

109 cm

Maximum boom lifts (fully charged at 3,300 psi)

5 Lifts

Chassis maximum length (wheels fully extended)

4 ft 6 in

137 cm

Chassis minimum length (Wheels Fully retracted)

3 ft 11 1/2 in

120 cm

Minimum chassis height for transportation

20 1/2 in

52 cm

Chassis variable widths – legs at 0º track position

27 in

69 cm

Chassis variable widths – legs at 12º track position

29 1/2 in

75 cm

Chassis variable widths – legs at 45º track position

35 1/2 in

90 cm

Chassis variable widths – front legs in 78.5º-880 track position

38 1/2 in

98 cm

Chassis variable widths – legs at 90º track position

39 in

99 cm

Steering post height

3 ft

91 cm

Accumulator charging time (110 AC and DC)

60 sec

Minimum door width hybrid can be carried through

18 in

46 cm

Dolly Crate Shipping Weight

661 lbs

299,8 kg

Dolly Crate Shipping Dimensions

L 56 in x W 32 in x H 33 in

Dolly Accessory Crate Weight

909 lbs

412,3 kg

Dolly Accessory Crate Dimensions

L 67 in x W 33 in x H 58 in

*Payload includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm
**Payload includes All Items (i.e. Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.