HUSKY doorway dolly by Panther

The Husky by Panther is designed as a doorway dolly, it’s fairly light and easy to transport and at the same time, it’s a stable platform.

The concept of a robust and versatile dolly is even seen in the Husky dolly’s transport method. The patented dolly platform can be folded, reducing its dimensions by half and allowing one person to carry it. It can also be used as transport cart for your equipment.

  • It’s a safe dolly base also for jib arms.
  • Folding platform.
  • It can be used as a transport cart on set.
  • The twin wheels on the rear axis provide additional stability.


Carrying weight

59,5 lbs

27 kg

*Maximum payload

551 lbs

250 kg

Platform height

6 in

15 cm

Chassis length

46 in

117 cm

Chassis widht

31 in

80 cm

Chassis height

11 in

27 cm

Chassis folded length

27 in

68 cm

Chassis folded height

14 in

36 cm

Handle height

39 in

100 cm

*Payload includes all items (i.e. camera operator, fluid head, camera, jib arm) on dolly.