GF-PRIMO dolly by GFM

GF-Primo dolly from Grip Factory Munich has the strongest electromechanical column, rotatable and removable. Easier for transport and it’s extremely reliable under tough conditions.

This dolly allows you to choose from 5 different steering rod positions, so the dolly grip can decide the best working position for every situation.


  • Steering modes: conventional front or rear wheel and crab.
  • Column it’s easy to remove.
  • Camera operator can seat on the column for vertical movements alongside the camera.
  • Telescopic and inclining steering rod.
  • Wireless or cable connected ergonomic hand control.
  • 9 wireless radio channels.
  • Fast and easy mount “drop & go” battery system.
  • Versatile platform system. Ultimate platform system included.
  • Soft studio, hard studio & pneumatic wheels available.


Carrying weight

350 lbs

160 kg

Maximum column lift payload

551 lbs

250 kg

Transport weight dolly base

176 lbs

80 kg

Transport weight column without batteries

150 lbs

68 kg

Maximum column height (without risers)

55,1 in

140 cm

Minimum column height

27,6 in

70 cm

Vertical lift range

27,6 in

70 cm

Duration of column lift

2.5 sec

Dolly base maximum length (wheels fully extended)

42,1 in

107 cm

Minimum dolly base widths

20,9 in

53 cm

Standard dolly base widths (track position)

31,1 in

79 cm

Wireless hand control indoor range

90 ft

30 m

Wireless hand control outdoor range

656 ft

200 m

Wireless frequency

2,4GHz – FHSS