DARIO dolly by Cinetech

The Dario dolly by Cinetech is small and really versatile. Our unit is updated with all the Falcon hydraulic system, also the front nose and accessories. The arm ensures a very smooth reaction. The steering mode can be quickly changed by simply twisting the steering bar handle, which can be also removed.

  • Steering modes: conventional and crab.
  • It can be used on different kind of tracks.
  • Pneumatic wheels can be used on track and on a flat surface.
  • Special quick release low mode for low shoots.
  • Compact and lightweight for travel and storage.
  • Quick release system for quick tires change.
  • Regular and pneumatic wheels available.


Carrying weight

270 lbs

123 kg

*Maximum payload column retracted

132 lbs

60 kg

Maximum camera mount height (without risers)

46 in

117 cm

Vertical boom travel

29,5 in

73 cm

Maximum boom lifts (fully charged)

4 Lifts

Fastest time trough column lift range

3 sec

Chassis minimum length (wheels fully retracted)

22 in

56 cm

Steering low post height

34,65 in

88 cm

Accumulator charging time (empty to full)

70 sec

*Payload includes all items (i.e. fluid head, camera) on arm.